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Hashiru Trade Engine


Hashiru Trade Engine

Cosmin H.

A highly performant in memory trade engine for crypto or fiat markets with support for Limit, Market & Stop loss/entry orders.

You can connect it into your exchange infrastructure to speed up how fast orders are processed and scale to any number of supported markets.

The engine connects to a queue (Apache Kafka) to listen for commands and generate events, making it very reliable. 

Since it also comes as a Docker image you can integrate it in any kind of business model like: crypto/fiat exchanges, side chain exchanges, remittence systems, etc.

To get started right away check out the demo API project on Github: https://github.com/hashiruhq/demo_exchange_api

Here's what you'll receive:

- Main execution files for Linux/Darwin

- Dockerfile to build your own Docker image

- docker-compose.yml file to start the service with Kafka queue and monitoring

- Protobuf files to interact with the engine and understand it's output

- Example configuration file: .engine.yml

- Support in getting started and using the engine from the author


You'll get the matching engine, data models and deployment configuration so you can start right away

Up to 1.000.000
Automatic Backup
Every minute (configurable)
Multi Market Support
Yes (Prometheus)
Docker Support
Source Code
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